Final Reflection

This class was a brief run through of all aspects of Mass Communication, and that made this class a bit fast and furious. I enjoyed doing an assignment of each side of the Mass Comms and learning the little things that can make you better. As a Broadcast major I of corse enjoyed that side the best. I felt that I connected and understood that side and it showed in the assignment grade. The least favorite was the Print side, which seemed to be most of the class. I struggled over and over on the quizes and i did great on the midterm till i ran across the 10 ap questions. All in all this class seems to be vital to success in what ever major you have and learning about each is great in finding which is best for you. Thank you for a great semester and I hope to continue to learn about the Mass Comms majors outside my own.


Andrew H.


Public Relations vs Advertisement

Advertisement and Public relations can be considered very similar as you are the person to give the given company or person a good view in the public’s eyes. The person who can sell the public to buy, attend or even root for a person will always be needed in today’s media. But even though they are very similar they also have very glaring differences. With Advertisement you are more flexible in your delivery of an item, by either selling it through comedy that has nothing to do with the item, or through irritation such as the Sun drop commercials. As for the PR side it has a more formal setting and you should avoid irritation or offending anyone. These two fields can be the most sought after jobs and learning how to do it right and be effective as possible in each can make or break your career.


Andrew H.

Broadcasting News

Broadcasting is my Major and I felt more at home when doing this chapter and assignment. When we started to talk about it, the first difference that came to my mind was, it is less formal. Broadcasting in TV and Radio seemed like they would be very similar, but they are as different from each other as they each are from print. As for the assignment It seemed fun, but when you have to squeeze what you want to say in twenty second’s it makes it tough to get your point across. Although i enjoyed this assignment i struggled on the order of the TV part for some reason, but after i read what I did wrong it seemed so clear. This i believe is a helpful assignment for what I am planing on doing for my career.


Andrew H.

Pressed And Released

When i was writing the press release I thought, “Who am I am writing this for and what is the points they want to pass along to their public?” We were told the newspaper didn’t care about helping the group make money and bring people to your event, so i found the hard part was having this story sell the newspaper but also be for the reader. Relay For Life can sell itself, so my job was to make it in the best light and attract people who would read this but not through guilt. I enjoyed the press release and I found it to be a good learning experience with my first attempt at a press release.


Andrew H.

12 Steps for Habits

While I was reading these tips I found myself saying, “That makes sense, why do I not try that.” Particularly the writing every day for fifteen minutes every day instead of two hours for four times a week, and this relates to studying. I seem to understand it if I study every day for a shorter time, than if I cram the night before a test, it just doesn’t sink in. Also learning, knowing  and ,especially accepting your weaknesses seems like a huge hurtle in writing. Like in broadcasting I know my big asset isn’t my thundering voice, so if I try to lean on my vocals I will never prosper as a Broadcaster. I need to learn my weaknesses in writing and learn how to strength my strengths and learn to make those my focal point in writing.


Andrew H.

Paper of fury

Like many of my assignments most of my issues came with AP mishaps. I found that on this assignment in particular that its not always the big mistakes and the story that is the hard part. its the small mistake here and there that can really make your story not worth reading. I have always enjoyed writing but you realize the small things that can hinder your story or paper can coast you a letter grade, money or even an opportunity to write for a living. I plan to be a broadcaster journalist, and I thought that writing shouldn’t be my main concern but after writing this paper i realized that if I want to stand out I need to improve on all my aspects and Learning more of the AP style would help.

Andrew H.

Leading off

Leads to are the first thing that the reader reads, and it is where you grab their attention and focus it on what the story is about. What I thought would be super easy, writing one sentence about a whole story turned out quite difficult. First you must incorporate the necessary information of the story, and second you must make it interesting. I had trouble on the leads and it was mostly due to lack of preparation. i should have gone over it a couple of more times and I believe i could have done a much better job. I have seen many good leads, but one that stood out to me from CNN was,

” It was after the robotic hummingbird flew around the auditorium — and after a speaker talked about the hypersonic plane that could fly from New York to the West Coast in 11 minutes — that things got really edgy.”

This quote was from it was about technology and the lead was not only eye appealing it, made sense in connection to the story. As i went back over my leads i turned in every time i look at them i see another what i can tweak them or change them to sound and look better. the key is to know when enough is enough.



Andrew H.