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Media over time has evolved from a typewriter to computer to straight from your phone. Media is a field that must evolve to make it the easiest and most available to its readers. From newspaper to tweeting, Media has grown with the times, and thats how we so many ways to view the world today. Tweeting has shot to the top of the charts for connecting the audience to the story they are following. Tweeting is also big in the sports and celebrity world, connecting people to them in a more personal level, by knowing what they are doing, or talking to them personally. Tweeting is just the newest in the long line of new media, and for many it is finding what is the next big thing to push media over its newest hurdle. So is tweeting good for media? sure it is, if it isn’t twitter, it’s just something else.


Andrew H.


On Air

Hello blog world, I am Andrew Higginbottom a 23 year old student from Memphis. I am currently a  University of Southern Mississippi Student  studying Broadcast Journalism. I have been through many majors in my college career, but I feel as if I have settled on what fits me the best, a Radio Broadcaster. Eventually I want to have a segment on analyzing and discussing sports, but for now I am currently Live on Roots Radio 88.5 from 4 am to 6 am Thursday morning. I know my audience is in the numbers i could count on my fingers and toes, but knowing that my music and I can be heard by anyone during those two hours is quite intriguing. I also have considered Television as it has more opportunities and of course more money, but if I could find a radio job that fits me with a large audience I could never say no. My goal is to be on a Radio Station heard nationally where I could talk about sports and be paid to do so. I know most major sports analyst jobs are taken by former sport athletes it is  a hard career path for someone who’s highest sports accomplishment was a community college soccer athlete. But that does not mean that this goal is impossible and I really feel like this is what I would be best at and I will be sure to give it all I have to be successful at it.

Andrew H.

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