On Air

Hello blog world, I am Andrew Higginbottom a 23 year old student from Memphis. I am currently a  University of Southern Mississippi Student  studying Broadcast Journalism. I have been through many majors in my college career, but I feel as if I have settled on what fits me the best, a Radio Broadcaster. Eventually I want to have a segment on analyzing and discussing sports, but for now I am currently Live on Roots Radio 88.5 from 4 am to 6 am Thursday morning. I know my audience is in the numbers i could count on my fingers and toes, but knowing that my music and I can be heard by anyone during those two hours is quite intriguing. I also have considered Television as it has more opportunities and of course more money, but if I could find a radio job that fits me with a large audience I could never say no. My goal is to be on a Radio Station heard nationally where I could talk about sports and be paid to do so. I know most major sports analyst jobs are taken by former sport athletes it is  a hard career path for someone who’s highest sports accomplishment was a community college soccer athlete. But that does not mean that this goal is impossible and I really feel like this is what I would be best at and I will be sure to give it all I have to be successful at it.

Andrew H.


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